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Updated : 2006-09-15
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Category: Games
SubCategory: Arcade and Action Games
Type: Shareware
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"Shoot thousands of rounds of ammunition, without stopping, at bad aliens, in 3D and with a lot of humour."

Do you like those games where you have to shoot thousands of rounds of ammunition, without stopping, against bad, bloodthirsty aliens? Do you like games with impressive 3D? Well, combine all that with large doses of humour and the result is: Duke Nukem 3D.

The Duke Nukem 3D story isn't original: Los Angeles has been invaded by these horrible aliens, only you and your weapons can kill them all, giving order back to the city.

During this war-like Duke Nukem 3D game, you have an arsenal of all types of weapons, that improves as you move up the levels, but is also characterized by large doses of humour (like the narration of the character while he kills, with private jokes thrown in for good measure), it also alludes to (homage or plagiarism?) other great games like Quake or Doom and some movies like Aliens, Star Wars or Star Trek, almost always with sarcastic humour.

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